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Omnis Lacrima Latin-to-English Translation

Thanks to this YouTube video, a pretty accurate translation of Omnis Lacrima's lyrics has been provided. The user notes that it's not exactly a word by word translation, you can read more from the video's description. 

I rewrote the lyrics below, italicizing the English translation:

Dormit deus faciunt. Dormit perpetua.

Our master has succumbed to endless sleep.

Dormit domine. Nobis caelum som - Somnus caelum ignosco.

With him sleeps power. Sleeps our beloved sky, begging for forgiveness.

Auroram videre potest?

Can we once again see the dawn?

Deus dormit in voc suci. Liberi ini et sabe en pacum.

Defeated, our master sleeps and calls his children through his dreams. 

Mane tempus expergiscendi. Etagen veni omnia dividi. 

Behold the day of glory, at last awakened by the whispers of dawn.

Icor possit fabris tori alu yatrae corun dea.

Know that we will fight. We are protected by our goddess.

Mane tempus expergiscendi. Etagen veni omnia divi ex.

Behold the day of glory, awakened. The coming danger divides us all.

Liberi… et liberi ignem faciunt.

The children… and the children have lit a flame. 

Requiensa vide ende! Omnia sangvinem!

For our master to find his peace. All is stained in blood!

[GREEK]Kyrie eleison! 

Rest in peace!

Aeterna volutu deus somnus. 

Eternal, tormenting in his sleep.

Like Somnus, there are strong hints in the lyrics that point towards Bhunivelze, the main god in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. If you are knowledgeable with how the mythology was used in the XIII trilogy, this can be easily seen. Also, if the lyrics are truly very accurate, then the goddess mentioned should be pertaining to Etro, the fal’Cie goddess. 

Mar 26 2014

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